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Jiangxi Ningxin New Materials Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 69.82 million yuan and a total investment of 520 million yuan. It currently covers an area of more than 227.10 acres and has more than 200 employees. It is an enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of special graphite materials. Has now successfully completed the preparation of high-density, high-strength graphite, the research and development of technologies and applications for improving the purification rate and stability of roaster flue gas, the application research of boiler combustion system transformation and optimization, and the research and development of a graphite anti-oxidation treatment process. A number of scientific and technological projects such as the research and development of graphite crucible production technology, and have a number of patented technologies. The company's products have won the title of key new products in Jiangxi Province, and the products are sold well in more than a dozen domestic provinces and cities.

The company mainly deals in high-purity graphite, and its products are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, petroleum, chemical, electronics, building materials, geology, light industry and other industries. It has a complete set of high-purity graphite material production lines, with an annual output of 6,600 tons and complete product specifications. The company regards product quality as the life of the company. The company’s technical personnel and testing equipment strictly control every link in production. The products are well received by customers and are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, petroleum, building materials, geology, and light industry. And other industries.

On November 8, 2016, Ningxin New Materials successfully listed on the New Third Board. Stock abbreviation: Ningxin New Material Stock Code: 839719. The company's subsidiary Jiangxi Ningheda New Material Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the machining of graphite products and supporting services for graphite products. It specializes in providing graphite materials and graphite electrodes for the lithium battery industry, rare earth industry, machinery industry, aerospace, electronic semiconductor and solar photovoltaic industries. And related graphite products; Jiangxi Ningyibang New Material Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the processing and sales of graphite electrodes and graphite special-shaped parts, and provides corresponding application technical services and technology update solutions for these industries and products to achieve diversified product development.