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With the support of all of us, Ningxin new materials is developing special materials that can withstand high temperatures with the great dream of space exploration and safe return flight. After 11 years of training,. From raw materials, trade, packaging to high purity graphite invested in recent years, graphite for Non-ferrous metal, graphite electrode for Electrical discharge machining, graphite module for photovoltaic industry, Powder metallurgy, graphite module for hard alloy, other graphite processing parts, etc. , is a complete energy-saving, environmental protection, new materials, new energy indispensable industrial chain technology leading enterprises. Enterprise is located in Jiangxi, in the graphite industry, Ningxin is the only special graphite production suppliers in east China, in the leading position of the industry. Academician Workstation Project, R & D Center independently developed 21 patent products, five projects, such as the preparation method of high-density and high-strength graphite, the roaster for producing high-purity graphite, the densifying vacuum pressure impregnating device for high-purity graphite, the double-roller crusher for producing high-purity graphite, the pendulous pressurizing Raymond Mill, the molding device for ultra-fine graphite body and the jaw crusher for preparing high-purity graphite, have filled the gap in the industry, more than 10 items, such as graphite for Non-ferrous metal, graphite electrode for Electrical discharge machining, graphite module for pv industry, Powder metallurgy and graphite for cemented carbide, have filled up the blank in east China. Ningxin New Material Co. , Ltd. is: Excellent Enterprise; Demonstration Enterprise; National High-tech Enterprise; Quality Credit Enterprise; service and Quality Credit Aaaaa Enterprise; Wuhan University of Science and Technology; energy-saving and Emission Reduction Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise; Shaanxi University of Science and Technology is a new materials research and Development Test Base; Attracting Investment Excellent Enterprises;