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Ningxin Xincai has always put the quality of products in the first place. Through the process improvement and adjustment in recent years, the quality of products has been further improved and generally recognized by customers. Introduce quality management system and six sigma quality control experience in production, strict control of quality fluctuations, at present the company smooth operation of the processes, roasting pass rate of more than 98% , higher than the domestic industry, production costs are greatly reduced. The bulk density, compressive strength, flexural strength, resistivity and ash content are important indexes of the special graphite materials. Take the company's standard tri-baked products for example, the comparison of various indicators with the national standards for Fine Grain and high density specialty graphite products issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the Standardization Administration of China is as follows:

Note: The measured data source of the company's products is the inspection report of the professional organization.